Clark Planetarium film theater
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Mighty Penguin Helps Clark Planetarium Achieve Fundraising Goals through Strategic Planning and Market Research

Mighty Penguin was tasked with conducting a thorough market research study to gather relevant data that would inform the strategic planning efforts of Clark Planetarium and Salt Lake County. Our team spent several months conducting personal interviews, leading targeted focus groups, and creating a comprehensive online survey to analyze the community's perspective of Clark Planetarium. One of our crucial objectives was to identify how underserved and minority populations were interacting with the Planetarium and determine actionable steps to remove any obstacles they faced, such as parking, accessibility, language, and visibility. With the voices of over 1,000 participants, Mighty Penguin crafted a comprehensive report with study findings and recommendations to address the identified issues. The results had an immediate impact, helping Clark Planetarium to implement changes and adjustments to become a more welcoming and inclusive space for all Salt Lake County residents. Our market research study provided invaluable insights that led to measurable positive outcomes for the organization and the community.

Clark Planetarium: Where Space and Science Come to Life in Downtown Salt Lake City

Clark Planetarium is where you can explore the wonders of space and science! Established in 1965, Clark Planetarium has been a hub for astronomy and education for over 50 years. Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, this iconic attraction offers a range of exhibits and activities that cater to all ages and interests. From the immersive dome theater to interactive exhibits that explore the mysteries of the universe, Clark Planetarium provides a unique experience that will spark your curiosity and ignite your imagination. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or just looking for a fun and educational day out, Clark Planetarium has something for everyone. 

Mighty Penguin Provides Nonprofits with Comprehensive Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Programs to Create Sustainable Revenue Streams

Mighty Penguin specializes in helping non-profit organizations achieve their fundraising goals through strategic planning and market research. With a focus on developing comprehensive corporate partnership and sponsorship programs, Mighty Penguin provides significant value and visibility to businesses while creating meaningful connections and ongoing funding for the organization. Their experienced professionals work closely with clients to analyze community perspectives, identify obstacles and actionable solutions, and create substantive reports outlining study findings and recommendations to address identified issues. With Mighty Penguin's expertise and guidance, organizations can build sustainable revenue streams and achieve long-term success.