Mighty Penguin’s team offers a variety of ways to support organizations: from hands-on interim staffing and operations management to employee recruitment and board development.

Fulfilling these kinds of roles for organizations allows leadership to focus on building overall capacity and long-term sustainability.

General Operations & Staffing Support

The day-to-day operations of any organization establishes the effectiveness of its employees, services, and outreach. When organizations need to get on track and establish good habits and processes, Mighty Penguin can assist with a variety of tasks and administrative activities, including data collection and management, task management, communication, and meeting agendas.

Interim Staffing & Training

The depth and breadth of Mighty Penguin’s experience means that we can step in and close the gap when organizations have staffing needs. Standing in temporarily and offering our expertise, we can help bridge the distance as an organization builds sustainable funding and processes for full-time positions and staffing. As new staff are onboarded, Mighty Penguin can provide staff training, covering a variety of topics in coordination with the goals of the organization’s leaders.

Board Development & Training

Good boards build good organizations, but their effectiveness isn’t a given. Developing a good board means focusing skilled and passionate people around a common goal and then making sure there are ways they can contribute to that goal to stay engaged. Mighty Penguin aids in that effort to expand board membership and improve board participation through board development plans and task management. Working with key leadership, we can also lead training and mentoring sessions for board members and staff. 

Employee Recruitment & Executive Search

We enable organizations to grow strategically by helping them develop an organizational chart with defined position titles, roles, and responsibilities. This includes identifying and recruiting executive directors who are prepared to make a positive impact on an organization’s trajectory. As we work with the leadership team to determine human resource needs, we create a recruitment plan and guide the implementation. This may include the full recruitment process, including posting of listings, analyzing resumes, conducting interviews, and presenting final recommendations.

Marketing Plan & Outreach Consulting

Organizations have a variety of channels where they can reach out to their constituents, and making a plan and sticking to it is key. Mighty Penguin can assist with teasing out marketing plans to help coordinate direct mail, website management, email marketing, and other outreach channels, including social media.

Digital Marketing & Crowdfunding Management

Social media and crowdfunding efforts can help organizations engage their followers. Determining where to spend time that results in a good return on investment of time and effort is an important aspect to this kind of engagement. There are dozens of platforms that can facilitate fundraising for specific and compelling needs. Our team can assist in syncing up your goals with the right tools to make these efforts sustainable and worthwhile.

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