Fundraising is the art of knowing who to ask, how to ask, and when to ask. Our experience helps nonprofits increase their capacity through sensible and achievable development activities.

Leveraging data and relationships is how the best fundraising results happen, and follow-through is key. As consultants, we can guide the process of identifying potential matches for funding while also ensuring that organizations can implement their plans, step by step.

Capital Campaign Management & Support

Mighty Penguin provides counsel, expertise, and best practices for conducting a successful campaign. As we work with clients to create the campaign management plan, we help develop realistic goals and expectations while clearly outlining roles and responsibilities. Communication is an essential element of success. We maintain communication throughout the progress, activity, and steps of the campaign with all constituents. Much of the preparation for successful capital campaigns is done as we develop case statements, conduct feasibility studies and other analyses, and connect it all to strategic plans (see more about those services).

Event Management

Planning and managing successful events can offer important touchpoints with donors, volunteers, board members, and other patrons, but often organizations are challenged by a lack of human resources and knowledge. Our team can ensure that events serve both programmatic and fundraising goals, building the organization’s reputation and potential for other successful development activities throughout the year.

Major Gifts Program

Major gifts programs, including planned giving, are successful when causes find supporters who are personally committed and compelled by program outcomes. To help clients carry out a major gifts program, Mighty Penguin helps develop and prioritize a list of potential leadership donors with a strategic plan for engagement. When advantageous, we also coordinate donor visits with board members, staff, and/or volunteers to further major donor relations.

Corporate Partnership Program

The sphere of nonprofits includes businesses and corporations that have an interest in partnering and investing in causes. We can help develop a corporate partnership program with appropriate levels of giving, benefits, and marketing strategies. These kinds of opportunities can build and strengthen relationships within an organization’s core supporters of board, staff, and volunteers as well.

Annual Giving Program

Every year, nonprofits need a plan for engaging with stakeholders and asking for donations. Mighty Penguin helps create, monitor, and evaluate the Client’s annual giving plan, including such elements as mailings, emails, newsletters, social media pushes, events, and other engagement strategies. With specific goals and regular check-ins, annual giving can evolve to meet fundraising needs and outreach goals.

Grant Writing

Mighty Penguin provides grant writing services to identify, write, and submit proposals to potential funders for organizations of all sizes. Although the process can be intimidating, our team can identify good potential funding sources and relevant submission deadlines to get it done to avoid leaving untapped opportunities on the table.

Lobbying & Legislature Support

Mighty Penguin has the experience and relationships to access funding through the legislative process. This begins with working with our client’s board and staff to create documents that outline how the state can benefit and receive a return on its investment. This leads to identifying a primary legislative sponsor for the request, along with other key legislators who can support the measure.

Government Contract Management

Staying up to date with government contracts is essential to maintaining your funding source and meeting any compliance and reporting requirements. But sometimes the process can feel overwhelming. Mighty Penguin can help create schedules and accurate documentation to ensure that organizations are in line with these complex parameters.

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