Mighty Penguin is a consulting firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that helps nonprofit organizations and small businesses develop strategies and systems to accomplish their missions and goals. 

What's in a Name?

The name Mighty Penguin is a tribute to our clients — the people who give their time, energy, and passion in the pursuit of making the world a better place. It signifies the principles and ideals we aspire to and witness every day working with people we admire: hard work, generosity, perseverance, loyalty, tenacity, wisdom, teamwork, and a bit of fun.

Why Choose Mighty Penguin?

Every organization faces constraints and limitations on capacity, including specialized skills and expertise. Being efficient and effective, even with limited resources, is a key to success. Mighty Penguin brings experience, passion, and a commitment to our clients that help them get more done with less; work smarter instead of harder. 

As one of the largest nonprofit consulting firms in Utah, we have worked since 2010 with more than one hundred local and regional organizations who are changing the world for good. Most of our clients are located in Utah, from Zion and Moab to Park City and northern Utah. We welcome new clients throughout the country to partner with Mighty Penguin for your organization's needs.

How We Work

Mighty Penguin customizes a plan that is reasonably-priced and commensurate with the scope of the work and consultation we provide. After we have a chance to learn more about your organization, we can provide solutions, customized to your needs and budget, that we are confident will bring the right return on your investment.