The Impact Report and Team Appreciation Connection

As the year draws to a close, it’s not just a time to reflect on accomplishments; it's a moment to appreciate employees and volunteers. In this article, we discuss impact reports and employee and volunteer appreciation. Showing appreciation to your teams will not only energize your team but will send everyone into the new year with vigor.

The Impact Report and Team Appreciation Connection

Your impact report isn’t just a document showcasing your numbers of social good and change, it's a reflection to the collective effort and dedication of your team. This is an opportune time to appreciate and connect with your employees and volunteers who made it all possible. Below are three ways to show your appreciation.

Fun Appreciation Activities:

  • Awards Night: Host an awards ceremony where employees and volunteers are recognized for their unique contributions. Create categories inspired by your impact report, like "Innovator of the Year" or "Community Champion." Celebrate together in a festive virtual setting.
  • Impact Storytelling Circle: Organize a storytelling session where team members share personal anecdotes related to the impact they've witnessed. It's a powerful way to humanize the numbers in the report and create a shared narrative that resonates with everyone. Make sure you have a story on hand for all team members to ensure no one gets left out. 
  • DIY Appreciation Kits: Send out appreciation kits filled with personalized thank-you notes, small tokens, and maybe a sneak peek at next year’s goals. Make it an impactful unboxing experience that showcases your gratitude for their hard work.

Why Appreciation Matters

Encouraging employees and volunteers to be advocates for your organization through appreciation is more than just a feel-good strategy. When your team is familiar with the impact and have been recognized as contributors, they become authentic spokespersons in their daily lives. This not only builds a positive internal culture but extends your organization's reach into the broader community. Proud, authentic advocates are not just employees; they are ambassadors, making your impact resonate far beyond your immediate circle. When someone asks your staff, “What is your organization’s impact?” they will be able to answer confidently! 

Heading into the New Year

As you show appreciation, you’re not just wrapping up the year; you’re laying the foundation for a robust start to the new one. Energized and appreciated employees and volunteers are more likely to go above and beyond, contributing to your organization's success in the coming year. By fostering a culture of appreciation and turning your team into advocates, you’re not just celebrating achievements; you're amplifying your impact. As the curtain falls on this year, let the applause for your team echo into a new year.