mighty penguin

At Mighty Penguin, we bring over 165 years of combined experience. Since founding in 2010, our team has secured over 120 million in capital campaigns, 10 million in grants, and we celebrate working with over 100 clients.

Let's break it down—Here’s Mighty Penguin by the numbers in 2023:

Doubled staff since June 2022 

Mighty Penguin is comprised of team-oriented people who want to make a difference and have the experience and skills to coach others.

We supported 37 clients in 2023

We are proud to be working with so many wonderful organizations. Our client's needs varied from strategic planning to grant writing, lobbying, and capital campaign management. Meet a few of the organizations we’ve worked with that work hard to make the world a better place every day. 

In 2023 MP prepared up to 80 grants per month 

The Mighty Penguin team is staying busy! Can we get a hoo-rah? From government grants to foundation grants, we manage it all!

We’ve helped clients raise over $4,000,000 million dollars!

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we LOVE to see these numbers. There is nothing better than helping our clients make a bigger impact. 


We’re growing, pushing boundaries; and most importantly, we are making a mighty impact. Thank you for joining us in this journey- please stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for more exciting updates in the future!