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Mighty Penguin Helps The National Ability Center Raise $18 Million for Campus Expansion

The National Ability Center, located in Park City, Utah, is a dynamic and dedicated organization committed to empowering individuals of all abilities to engage in active pursuits, develop skills, and build self-esteem. With a range of programs that span winter sports to summer adventures, the NAC is a true powerhouse.

Mighty Penguin proudly partnered with the NAC in completing an $18 million capital campaign to expand their campus in Park City. Through our expert management of the campaign, which included major gifts, public launch and public funding, we were able to secure $2.6 million from the Utah State Legislature. As an integral part of the NAC team, we ensured that staff, board, and campaign committee members remained on task and focused on their assignments.

Thanks to the expansion of their campus, the National Ability Center is now able to serve even more individuals, enabling them to achieve their full potential in spite of their disabilities. We are thrilled to have been a part of this inspiring endeavor and look forward to continuing our partnership with the NAC in the years to come.

The National Ability Center Empowers Individuals of All Abilities Through Active Pursuits and Adventure

The National Ability Center is a dynamic and comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of services aimed at empowering individuals of all abilities to engage in active pursuits, build self-esteem, and develop vital life skills. The National Ability Center, with a rich history spanning several decades, is the driving force behind their mission to enable individuals of all abilities to experience the transformative power of outdoor recreation and adventure. NAC showcases a full range of services, including adaptive winter sports and summer adventures, as well as an extensive calendar of events and training programs.

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