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Fit to Recover: Fueling Recovery with Fitness, Nutrition, Art, and Community Service, with a little help from Mighty Penguin

Fit to Recover: Fueling Recovery with Fitness, Nutrition, Art, and Community Service! This Utah-based nonprofit is on a mission to support people in their recovery from substance abuse by adhering to these four key pillars. With aspirations to expand their model beyond Salt Lake City, Fit to Recover has already opened a second location in Orem. With growth comes change, and when their development director moved on, Mighty Penguin was happy to step in and help bridge the gap. We managed development activities and grant writing schedules, while also conducting a search for a replacement. We even hired and trained the new development staff to ensure a seamless transition during this crucial stage of their growth.

Fit to Recover: Where Fitness, Nutrition, Art, and Community Come Together for Recovery!

Fit to Recover is a Utah-based nonprofit organization that supports people in recovery from substance abuse. Founded in 2013, the organization believes in the power of fitness, nutrition, creative arts, and community service to help individuals recover from addiction and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Fit to Recover offers a variety of programs and services, including fitness classes, nutrition coaching, art therapy, and volunteer opportunities, all designed to promote physical and mental wellness. Their fun and supportive environment encourages individuals to develop new skills, build community, and stay committed to their recovery goals. With two locations in Salt Lake City and Orem, Fit to Recover is making a positive impact on the lives of many.

Maximizing Nonprofit Impact: Mighty Penguin's Grant Writing and Employee Recruitment Services

Mighty Penguin's grant writing services help nonprofits secure funding from private foundations, corporations, and government agencies. Their team of experienced grant writers has a proven track record of success in securing grants of various sizes and complexities. They take a collaborative approach to grant writing, working closely with clients to ensure their proposals are tailored to the funder's priorities and requirements. In addition to grant writing, Mighty Penguin also offers employee recruitment services to help nonprofits find and hire the best talent for their team. Their recruitment process is thorough and comprehensive, ensuring that candidates are well-suited for the position and organization culture. If you're interested in learning more about Mighty Penguin's grant writing and employee recruitment services, contact them today to schedule a consultation.