University of Utah Alumni House
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Mighty Penguin Takes the Reins on Capital Campaign for Eccles Alumni House

Navigating the particular ways that universities and higher education institutions operate is an area where Mighty Penguin excels. This expertise led us to take the reins on the capital campaign for the Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House at the University of Utah, and we are proud to say we successfully saw it through to completion. The project had hit a snag before we stepped in, but with our guidance and collaboration with the University's development team, we were able to help the Alumni Association raise private funds and reach its $10 million goal. Our ability to secure large private gifts and understand the intricacies of higher education development played a vital role in achieving this milestone.

Discover the Rich History and Community Hub of the Eccles Alumni House at the University of Utah

The Eccles Alumni House offers a variety of services for alumni, including event spaces for meetings and receptions, as well as a café and bookstore. It also houses the University of Utah Alumni Association, which provides resources and networking opportunities for alumni. The building's stunning architecture has made  it a beloved landmark on campus, and will continue to serve as a hub for the university community for decades to come.

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