Kids out on a Utah plateau

Success Story: How Mighty Penguin Consulting Helped Canyonland Field Institute Achieve its Fundraising Goals

Canyonlands Field Institute is a non-profit organization committed to providing outdoor education experiences to people of all ages in the wild lands near Castle Valley and Arches National Park. To help fund their mission and provide enriching activities for school-aged children, they reached out to Mighty Penguin Consulting for development support.

Our team took a wide and deep view of their fundraising activities and created a development assessment report. From there, we worked directly with their staff to implement a bold one-year development plan that included grant writing, annual fund drives, mailers, and Giving Tuesday efforts.

At Mighty Penguin, we're passionate about helping non-profits build capacity and succeed. That's why it's so gratifying to empower organizations like Canyonlands Field Institute by mentoring their leaders and equipping staff with the tools needed to grow sustainably.

About Canyonland Field Institute: Providing Quality Outdoor Education Experiences to All Ages

Canyonlands Field Institute is a non-profit organization located in the stunning canyon country of southeast Utah. Their mission is to provide quality outdoor education experiences to people of all ages, with a focus on fostering a love for nature, conservation, and stewardship. They offer a variety of educational programs, including multi-day river trips, hiking adventures, and field science courses. By providing hands-on learning experiences in the field, Canyonlands Field Institute aims to inspire individuals to become advocates for the environment and make a positive impact on the world. Their commitment to environmental education and conservation makes them an invaluable asset to the community and beyond.

Mighty Penguin Consulting: Offering Comprehensive Development and Fundraising Services for Nonprofits

Mighty Penguin Consulting offers a wide range of development and fundraising services to help nonprofit organizations achieve their goals. Their Annual Giving Program is designed to help organizations develop and implement successful fundraising campaigns that build long-lasting relationships with donors. This program includes personalized outreach, donor stewardship, and strategic planning to ensure the sustainability of the organization's annual giving efforts. Mighty Penguin Consulting also provides Major Gifts Program services to help nonprofits identify, cultivate, and solicit major donors for larger gifts that have a significant impact on the organization's mission. With a focus on building strong relationships with donors and understanding their philanthropic interests, Mighty Penguin Consulting's Major Gifts Program has helped nonprofits secure significant funding to achieve their goals. Overall, Mighty Penguin Consulting's development and fundraising services are designed to help nonprofit organizations build sustainable revenue streams and achieve long-term success.

If you are a nonprofit looking to maximize your fundraising potential, consider partnering with Mighty Penguin Consulting. Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop effective fundraising strategies, build long-lasting relationships with donors, and secure major gifts to achieve your mission. Contact us today to learn more about our development and fundraising services and how we can help your organization thrive!