Utah Youth Village group of young women
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Mighty Penguin and Utah Youth Village: Joining Forces to Create a Brighter Future for Foster Children

Utah Youth Village stands out as the premier provider of foster care in Utah. Over 50 years ago, their founder identified a pressing need: girls from abusive backgrounds had limited alternatives to detention or non-tailored foster homes. That realization spurred the creation of Utah Youth Village, a beacon of hope and healing for children. Their mission is to guide children towards healing and success, instilling them with the skills and values needed to become contributing members of society.

Mighty Penguin has been privileged to partner with Utah Youth Village and their sister organization, Alpine Academy, a nonprofit school catering to teenage girls in Tooele County. Together with Utah Youth Village, we developed a strategic plan that seamlessly aligns with their board's vision and potential. Our development analysis provided a comprehensive view of the best course of action for Utah Youth Village.

At Alpine Academy, Mighty Penguin managed a capital campaign for a second campus. We spearheaded the campaign, including creating the case statement, general campaign management, and engaging their board, staff, and funding sources. Mighty Penguin feels humbled to have played a role in helping these organizations fulfill their missions and contribute to a better tomorrow.

Transforming Lives: The Story of Utah Youth Village's Compassionate Care and Support

Utah Youth Village, founded in 1969, is a premier provider of foster care, adoption, and mental health services in Utah. It was established by Anne Holbrook, who recognized the need to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children who experienced trauma and abuse. Utah Youth Village has since grown into an organization that offers an array of services, including family counseling, parenting education, and independent living skills training. They also operate a residential program for adolescent girls and a specialized program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their unique approach involves teaching smart parenting, which aims to equip parents with the skills necessary to provide a stable and healthy environment for their children. Utah Youth Village is committed to ensuring that every child in their care has the support and resources necessary to heal, grow, and succeed.

Empowering Organizations for Lasting Impact: Comprehensive Services of Mighty Penguin

At Mighty Penguin, we take pride in providing exceptional services in strategic planning, major gifts programs, development assessments, and feasibility studies. Our strategic planning process helps organizations develop a roadmap for success by aligning their goals with their mission, vision, and values. Our major gifts program assists organizations in securing substantial donations by identifying potential donors and creating tailored fundraising strategies. Our development assessment evaluates an organization's fundraising capacity, identifying areas for growth and improvement. Lastly, our feasibility study helps organizations determine the viability of fundraising initiatives and assesses donor interest and capacity. At Mighty Penguin, we are committed to helping organizations achieve their full potential and make a lasting impact in their communities.