Historic Spring City School

Preserving the Past: How Spring City, Utah, Became a Model for Historic Preservation with Help from Mighty Penguin

Spring City, Utah is a small western town that has preserved its historic roots through the efforts of its residents. With ranchers, farmers, artists, educators, and preservationists all calling this town home, the community is committed to preserving its heritage. The Friends of Historic Spring City turned to Mighty Penguin for assistance in raising funds to restore the Old Spring City School, originally built in 1899. Our team managed a successful $3 million capital campaign that engaged the entire community, including city and county officials and restoration experts. We even helped create a mutually beneficial partnership between the Spring City Mayor and City Council, resulting in an MOU to house city offices in the newly restored building. Thanks to generous gifts and funding, the School was transformed into the Spring City Community Center, which was dedicated in May 2017.

Friends of Historic Spring City: The Nonprofit Dedicated to Protecting and Promoting Utah's Rich History

Friends of Historic Spring City is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic significance of Spring City, Utah. Founded in 1980, the organization has played a vital role in protecting and restoring the town's unique architecture and cultural heritage. With the help of dedicated volunteers, the Friends of Historic Spring City have worked tirelessly to maintain the town's historic buildings, landscapes, and public spaces. They offer a variety of educational programs, events, and tours to promote awareness and appreciation of the town's rich history. Thanks to their efforts, Spring City has become one of the most well-preserved small western towns in the country, attracting visitors and residents alike.

From Lobbying to Capital Campaigns: How Mighty Penguin is Helping Nonprofits and Businesses Achieve Their Goals

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