Sandy Amphitheater
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Sandy Arts Guild Partners with Mighty Penguin to Expand Cultural Offerings

The Sandy Arts Guild provides a diverse and robust range of cultural programming, including music, theater, and visual arts, to the City of Sandy and neighboring communities through various indoor and outdoor venues, such as the Sandy Amphitheater. To sustain and expand these offerings, Mighty Penguin was engaged to develop a comprehensive corporate partnership and sponsorship program. These marketing sponsorships provide significant value and visibility to businesses while creating meaningful connections and ongoing funding for the organization. Our team developed a comprehensive pitch deck and packet to help the Sandy Arts Guild's team implement this impactful program.

Experience the Arts with Sandy Arts Guild's Diverse Programming and Venues

The Sandy Arts Guild has a rich history of providing robust programming in music, theater, and visual arts to the city of Sandy and the surrounding communities. Established in 1978, the guild has since produced a wide variety of plays, musicals, concerts, and art shows, all aimed at engaging audiences of all ages. The organization is anchored by the Sandy Amphitheater, a stunning outdoor venue that hosts nationally touring acts as well as local performances. In addition to the amphitheater, the guild operates other smaller indoor venues that provide even more opportunities for the community to experience the arts. Their services include youth musicals, visual art shows, concerts, and theater performances, all designed to inspire and entertain. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the arts, the Sandy Arts Guild continues to be a driving force in the cultural life of Sandy and beyond.

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